Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The meet started on Sunday and Will and I arrived a couple days before that to get into the groove. I am flying a new glider this season so getting used to it right before the first day was a bit short. So Day 1 started with a nice rough day of flying the ended up shading over and shut most of the day down fro us so I ended in 28th spot after day 1. Day 2 was a great day we had a 70km task and after a very risky final glide I finished in 5th place. the task had us fly into goal with nothing but trees between us and the finish. I made it into the finish cylinder but not into the actual field of goal as I was to low. Today I really don't want to talk about so I won't.
Hope all is well back home.
I will most certainly lose my 13th place overall.
I will try to update more often but internet is tricky here and the only reason I am even writing today is I was back early.

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