Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am home now and after recovering from what seemed like the worst Jet Lag ever. I have been suffering the post long trip blues as I spent so much time and effort organizing it and now its over. But that just means its time to plan for something else. After spending Will's birthday in the rain and totally drunk we got up the next morning for the last task of the World Championships and the sun was actually shining. The day looked ok but cloudbase was low so we knew it would be tough. Sure enough we all launched into the cluster of gliders not really climbing but above launch. Myself and Will left between the start times so took a 10 minute penalty by not waiting for the next start time. We talked as we were close to each other and decided to just continue to goal as it was the last day. The day went well with only a few tough spots for me and a great final glide to goal with left most of the way for the last 10 km's. I finished my Solo Bar as I was crossing the goal line as the munchies struck and I had an extra bar in my pocket to finish before packing up to come home so it was time to eat. I crossed the line a couple minutes behind Will and placed 26th for the day while he got 7th. Yes it was tight with a lot of gliders crossing together. So the meet ended on a good note with a nice task and an ok race. I placed 51st for my first ever World's finish and have to be happy with that but next time I now know I can do better. I felt as though I was able to keep up with the Top pilots but they really excel at not making mistakes. There bottom end seems to be higher than mine so I come home and will practice not making the little mistakes and focus on making more solid decisions with reading conditions.

There are a few Thank You's for this trip:
Invico Capital Corporation -
For obviously supporting me both Financially as well as encouraging me to chase the dream. Dave, Alison and Jason you guys all rock and Thanks for all the support.
Solo Energy Bars -
Is my newest supporter and they stepped up supplying me with the energy to fly the long days when I first got there. I also used the bars to keep me alive when I decided that Australian sandwiches taste like crap. So Thanks Saul.
Columbia View Homes -
For the team support. Looking forward to seeing you this summer.
Muller Windsports -
Vincene you are the best we could ever have on our side and without you I would never have made it this far so Thank You.

All the friends that chipped in to make this happen. I will never be able to repay you for a trip that I will never forget. So thanks.
D&G- Your Simply The BEST
Caroline- For allowing me to go away to chase the dream. Love ya
Will for being easy to share a caravan with when the rain fell and the flying sucked at times.
Nicole our Team Leader for going to meetings that I am glad I never had to go to and being a master sandwich maker after we all got sick of the bakery. Thanks

The next comp comes at the End of July
Were running the Canadian National Paragliding Championships in Golden BC July 29th to August 4th 2007
till then later

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