Friday, March 02, 2007

Were Flying

Yeah so today the storms finally stopped and we actually woke up to no clouds. The original thought was it might be windy but once arriving on launch it was the opposite. We had no idea which launch of the four to go to as it was really not blowing up any of them. Gadd and I sat on the east launch as the first start time went by with both of us behind a solid 20 or so other gliders before we could even get a chance to get into the air. After sitting for what seemed like ages we finally chucked ourselves into the abyss. In front of launch there was marginal to no lift at all. I promptly sunk out and landed at the bottom just in time to get a ride back up top as everyone climbed out. I was no behind the entire field of 145 pilots. It was time to get my ass in gear. I launched the West launch this time and climbed straight away up to almost base where I decided to head to the first turnpoint which we were told was a massive sink hole. It was. I was so far behind I had a great view of the field of pilots in front of me. We had a group climbing just before the turnpoint to the right and few to the left. I choose left and it worked. I was now with the pack. We went back in the direction of launch were we all got very low waiting for the lack of lift to become something useful. I finally climbed back to base and went on glide towards launch. I was now in the lead gaggle and charging hard. Just at the end of the ridge before turnpoint 2 Josh Cohn and I climbed to base and headed out to the flats where the turnpoint was located we timed it perfect and were now leading with me being first to tag the turnpoint. We tagged it and headed east over town to a small and I mean very small ridge hoping for a quick climb that would allow us to tag the final turnpoint and head to goal. We slowed down just enough that a few other pilots including Tom from the US to help us. We waited for another what seemed forever before we climbed back out. I turned left well Tom turned right and he got the climb and I missed it. I then waited longer turning in zero lift now giving up my lead to 5 pilots. I was still in the game so I hung in there. The next group was none other than PWC champ Chrigal and we quickly climbed up enough to tag the final point and head into the wind to Goal. Goal was right next to the Caravan park where were staying so very close to home. I believe I made goal in about 13th place. As I was packing up we watched many pilots in the gaggles after us dirting just short into the headwind. The speed section ends 1 km short of actual goal but if you do not make it across the physical goaline you get all your speed points taken away. So it should be a nice spread of points between those that made it and those that dirted. There are rumors of 35ish pilots in goal on a 60.7 km task. So I am headed to bed to prepare for tomorrow. We entertained ourselves with another episode of "Heroes" tonight to chill out. It has become a great tradition watching the laptops in our caravan. Well all for now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Keith! Great Perseverence and thanks for the updates! Congrats to you and the team! Dave

Bernard said...

nice going man!

Anonymous said...

Ya man, way to goal...Eric