Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great Ideas

Yeah I started with what I thought would be such a great idea. I launched right behind Will and we slowly got to base. I spent sometime in the marry go round at base in bigears trying to stay out of the clouds with about 100 of the gliders that had launched. I worked my way to the edge of the circle which was 2km around launch. I dedcided if I go I could probably drag at least a few gliders with me but no luck. I was about half way through my glide to the next climb when I turned around to see that I was all alone in the middle of nowhere with no help to find the next climb. I did find my next climb and got back to base thinking at least the gaggle will be chasing soon then I can have some help. Once at base i headed to the ridge in fornt of me and continued alone again as there was still know one with me so it was time to just go it alone for the day. I got to the Turnpoint and got base very quickly. I turned for the big glide to goal and hit the headwind hard. I glided to the next ridge where I managed to get up a bit to the next ridge where I knew I just needed about 500m climb to get high enough to get over the ridge before goal. I searched and searched but no luck for me today. I landed happy but a little frustrated to watch everyone fly over my head. It was a great effort to get it alone but next time I think Power in Numbers is the way to go. Today is looking very suspect as we just had about an hour of some of the coolest thunderstorms I have ever seen. It is rumbling still as I write this. It is 10am here on wednesday and I believe we will be watching more episodes of "Heroes" which by the way is the best show on TV I believe now. Its very entertaining for us to hang out in Franklin and watch american TV together. So hope your all enjoying the snow back home...grin.

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Bernard said...

Daniel San, you have to learn to sand the floor, wax the car and paint the fence before you can break the board.

Power in numbers. The first couple of days need to be the "feel" out days to see how the gaggle is going. Find out if they are pushing or sitting back. They sat back because they knew it was going to be tough going. Don't be a pimp either. There is a fine line between being a pimp and hanging with the gaggle. Leading out is good, but going out on your own isn't good unless it is a boomer of a day.

Take it easy and have a good time. Just remember what I said on MSN the other day.