Monday, March 05, 2007

Days Go By

It has been a while since my last confession. We have been doing everything but flying here it seems. So what that really means is we have been doing nothing. The weather is not on our side so there for we have had to take up other tasks. I have choosen eating, sleeping and internet. Yes, for all of you that know me well this is not working so well for me. Boredom and I have had a very much love hate relationship over the years and this last fortnight is testing it yet again. We have had 3 days here since the World's started and now we only have 3 left to go. The forecast dare i say looks good for the next few days but I will wait till they are here before I get my hopes up on some racing conditions. I still sit in the Top 50 overall so I am not going to shed a tear about it but I still wish we could test ourselves with some real flying rather than surfing every bit of lift we can find.

So until I have something more postive to say I have decided to say nothing at all.

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