Monday, February 19, 2007

More Flying

Ok so here it is quick version. We lanuched I got stuck in front of the launch low unable to find enough lift to get me on my way. After close to an hour of that I finally got on my way. I quickly and I mean quickly flew after some other pilots in order to try to get with a group that was moving fast down the course. I just ended up passing most of them and going it alone. As I was alone I figured staying IFR or "I Follow Roads" was a good option. I made a very low save at the 70 km mark where I actually got out of my harness to land. I took that climb back to base and proceeded onwards. I got to the town on the way called Bingara and climbed out again but the storm cells to my right were coming to the right and the blue hole in front of me was going to make it difficult to fly fast enough to out run the storms. I blundered into the blue holw and like I figured there was nothing for lift except a lot of wind trying to push me futher off course into the storms. I landed at the 96 km mark but a little off course so we will see how I shape up. The scoring is still F*&^ed. We have no clue where anyone is ranked. I have had some top 10 days so we will see where I end up. There are 2 days left and I have had 3 solid flights. I need 4 days for the ranking out of 8 so I guess I at least need one more good day to pull off a solid result. Were resting well and not partying at night so it means we can actually function in the air. I have almost flown 20hours and some 400+km of distance in 3 days of flying. Were very tired from this sun spanking us all day. We Canadians just don't understand what sun is till you have been here. It goes through your shirt to burn you and can zap every bit of energy you thought you may have had. But were having a very solid time of it here. Everyone that got me here I have to thank for so far what is turning into the best flying trip. Sorry for not posting pictures but the internet here in town is so slow it would take a month to post pictures. I will post a bunch when I either get to sydney or hopefully for the worlds they will have a better internet area set up. I will be taking rest days thursday friday and saturday to get ready for the Worlds which start Sunday. Once again sorry for no party stories yet and no pictures. Cheers to everyone back home.

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