Saturday, February 17, 2007


OK its midnight and we just got back to camp so this will be quick. I flew 225km today and was in the air for almost 7 hours. Yeah it was crazy. There was probably 20 of us over the 200km barrier. The idea was that we all had to foloow the same bearing meaning we were all along the same course. We had to be as far as we could by 6:30pm so I went on a long final glide just before 6:30pm to try and win the day. So far I am in 2nd place after the last check so we will wait till morning to see. All and all a great day. I managed to chew down 3 Solo bars in flight to keep me going and 3 liters of water. I felt great and this is by far a personal best for me as I have never flown more than 160km. So thanks to Solo for keeping me energized and Invico for actually getting my ass to this comp.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go guys - keep that 200+ thing going. Sean.