Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First meet over

Yeah the title says it all. Were cooked, fried and just plain done. We flew a crazy amount of hours and over 100km everyday. There were something like 75 of the 150 pilots that had personal best distance flights myself included. We all got our names called out and a t-shirt was awarded. I did very well in this meet so I am more than psyched for the World’s to start on Saturday. I finished up in 20th Overall out of 150 pilots. I managed to beat some of the best in the World so of course that feels good and I was really not that far out of second as the points were very tight.
I would just like to Thank everyone that has made this trip possible. Invico Capital Corporation and Muller Windsports you guys all rock. All the friends who chipped in and even the ones who didn’t thanks for being there. Caroline your the BEST.
So thanks everyone else cause it is 36 degrees as I sit here writing this and my brain resembles a frying egg on a sidewalk.

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Marty DeVietti said...

Nice work Kieth~!!

Rest up and uncook that egg....You wanna be fresh for the big one~