Sunday, February 25, 2007

The World's Start

Or do they? They were suppose to start yesterday and as of now Monday afternoon we still have not had a task. The weather has been epic since I arrived almost 2 weeks ago. But yesterday things went bad weather wise. We went to launch yesterday and watched as the clouds got bigger and bigger around us. I got already with my flying clothes and walked into the line up to launch when they delayed us for about 5 minutes then called the day as cancelled. I was a little displeased that I got ready for nothing and voiced it loudly out of frustration. I quickly calmed down and packed up my gear and drove down the hill. We were really happy to be down as a few hours later one of the biggest thuderstorms I have ever seen dumped loads of rain on the town of Manilla.
We had a very nice dinner of pasta made with peanut butter, thai curry paste and coconut milk. (VERY TASTY). Were eating on a budget here as it costs a lot for food were finding. Apres dinner we chilled with friends and retreated to Franklin (Will's & Keith's Caravan) to watch an American TV show called "Heroes". Ok James you win its a good show...grin. We watched the first two episodes before crawling into our beds to read for a couple hours. Yes, I do know how to read.
Today we have been chillin in various capacities from Jogging to coffee drinking to napping and some computer work. I have arranged for a couple us to go to Sydney on the way home and my brother has got us tickets to some Australian Rugby which should be crazy fun. The forcast I have to say is not great for the next few days as a tropical storm sits in the North of Australia pulling moisture from the south towards us. But hey if you have a drought book a paragliding meet to get rid of it. Well enough of me rambling and I hope all is well for everyone wherever they are.
PS. cross your fingers for things to improve for us until then bring on "Heroes"

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