Monday, February 12, 2007

Flight Over

Bon Matin
Were still sitting here on this long ass flight to what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Its 5:30am Tuesday morning Sydney time and it is something like 11:30am Monday at home in Calgary. Will and I have both managed some form of sleep for a few hours, he is sitting on the aisle and me against the window and with another guy between us. I am watching the most amazing sunrise right now and will post pictures when I send this tonight. I feel as though my diet of trying to be healthy is being thrown out the window by United Airlines as they constantly make sure your chewing something that resembles nothing I would ever eat at home. So no worries about ever going hungry on these flights. I believe we have another couple hours then we will land in Sydney and have a 4 hour wait and meet up with Nicole and Tom before we have yet another 1 hour flight to Tamworth. Were going to try and get an evening huck off the hill tonight to work out the body from being still for so many hours but we will see how we feel when we get there.
Will and I both also managed to not have to pay extra baggage charges and in fact they never even weighed my bags (SWEET). The first comp starts tomorrow so no time to recover but hey I think were all used to it being this way. The first comp is the Manilla XC Open and will run for the next 8 days and is open distance everyday (fly as far as you can). The cool thing about this comp is only your best 4 flights out of 8 count towards the scoring. That way after a big distance day we can rest and get after it again the next day without losing any points for it. Well I guess they think its breakfast as they are feeding us yet again damn they must think were hungry from all the exercise were getting sitting here staring out the windows and watching bad movies on shitty screens.

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