Sunday, February 11, 2007

Flight Delays

Yeah I am sitting here in YYC at the airport. My flight was suppose to leave at 1:27pm and yeah well the flight is now leaving at 3:40pm. So I guess my trip starts with a waiting game. I thought I should call Will and let him now exactly what was going on as he had planned his connection fairly tight in San Fran so he is now on the way to the airport to board this flight. We will travel to San Fran where are good bud Jeff Wishnie is planning on taking us for a little Mexican feast before our 10:20pm connection to Sydney. I am admittedly dreading this horrible 36 or so hours of travel before we actually get to our destination. But I guess it could be worse I could be going to the ARCTIC. So I guess that will settle for today’s update. Today’s weather is extremely snowy and cold here in Calgary.

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