Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pratice Day

Were all here now. Josh Cohn and Bill Belcourt arrived yesterday. So the US Team is Kari Castle, Tom McCune, Bill Belcourt and Josh Cohn. The Canadians are of course already here. We will all go up to launch and set up some sort of practice task to get back into it all. Tonight is registration so i have to get some paperwork together. They are very sticky about prototypes here and wether the right person is flying it so a few of us had to get a letter signed by the designer to prove were allowed.
So its 8 am and the Cuckatoo's do not allow for sleep past about 7:30 so needless to say we get up early every morning. It is nicer this morning as it rained during a tunderstorm last night for a bit to really settle things down. Sorry for not being able to post many pictures but I am hoping still that I find a connection with more bandwith to allow me to send bigger files. Sorry for the scatered post but hey its something I guess. I am still tired so will take it easy for the next couple days to get back into the game.

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