Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Real Season Begins

Well if your receiving this message all it means is I thought you might care what I am up to in the next week. The Paragliding Season is taking me to the booming metropolis of Medford , Oregon. Yeah that’s right, Medford. Well I am not quite sure what this town is famous for but after spending a week there I will probably be able to shed some light on the matter. The one thing about Paragliding Competition is we get sent to some of the most far reached places around the world where honestly you would not usually spend more than a bathroom break to see these places but hey I get to spend a week. That aside I am looking forward to this next adventure. I actually get to fly into San Francisco, then drive the 6 hours North to Medford with my good buddy Jeff. The comp. Itself starts on Tuesday so I should be able to practice for a day or two before it gets rolling (Yay).
This Comp. Is rare in that it actually has 2 comps in 1. The first is a normal racing comp and the 2nd is a mentoring system where the higher ranked competitors get paired with a rookie and  we train them for the week to hopefully teach them better racing skills.

Of course this meet as like my whole season has not been with out the help of a great group of supporters:

David Campbell @ Invico Capital Corporation  ( Thx Buddy I would not have made it without you) WEB LINK on the right column
Smith Sport Optics & Ian ( Thx for making me look better out there )
Muller Windsports  ( Thx you mean a lot to me)
D&G Inc. (Love You Guys)
Gravports  ( Gadd need I say more. Thx Bro )
Mom & Dad  (Your the Best)

Well all for now. Wish me luck and I will update my Blog as often as I can


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