Thursday, January 26, 2006

Captain Chaos

Today was a strange day. It was very overcast I as I rolled over in bed. It was 7:45am and there is a very large window in my room high up on hill. My roomies woke me up to a very grumpy go away response. I rolled back over and told myself the day would be cancelled. A few minutes later I got out of bed and slowly got my shnazzle together,making my way to the vans for the long drive up to launch. Arriving at launch to a blue hole above us, I got my gear all ready. The meet director then told us that the top 40 get special launch order, which means that we can go out and launch whenever we want rather then having to get into a line up with the other 125 pilots. It was very relaxing watching the chaos unfold. We finally got on our way and as I was on my way to the first of six turn points my buddy Santiago had his glider kick him in the ass resulting in a reserve toss. After the reserve toss he landed in the trees below me and all was good he hiked out. After that I was very much behind and spent the rest of the day catching up. With a very slow point before the 4th turnpoint I spent my time taking it easy just trying to finish the day. So the day ended with me getting to Goal in 6th or 7th place so all and all a GREAT DAY. I was 30th place going into today and now I will move up a few more spots. for results
Sorry no pictures today.
Cheers K

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JC said...

Keep it up Keith!