Sunday, May 28, 2006

San Fran

Well it was a nice relaxing flight after Mr. Cranky charged me 25US for having a bag that was 4lbs overweight. Oh well. So once in San Fran, Jeff picked me up and it was off to his really sweet pad in the middle of an area called Mission. This house is so cool. It is one of the houses that is super tall and long but narrow. After some obvious chillin we walked down the coolest street ever for some good ‘ole TEXMEX. I miss it every time I am away from the states for to long and it is always one of the things I want when I first get here. So as we proceeded down the street I was able to watch drug deals and more homeless people then I think Calgary even has people. It is a crazy world. After some great cheap food and some full bellies we went to a cool club Downtown. It was made from an old art gallery so basically it was just an empty room with a little bar along the wall. Kind of cool actually.
Well after the party the true adventure was trying to get back to the car weaving through prostitutes and the crack heads to find one of them leaning against Jeff’s door. He kindly asked her to move which of course she grunted not missing a beat in her conversation with herself and moved. Ha-ha. Funny Funny World we live in.
For today we are just about to get in the car for what I have been told is a 7hr drive.Yay. So all for now .

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