Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lazy, Crazy, Fun, Very Tired

Well the title sums up my moods for the last 72hrs. It has been a crazy mess around here. The lead gaggle manages to disintegrate into the ground towards the end of each day and it has included me for Days One and Two. Day 3 it all changed, I had a terrible start and got behind right at the beginning. With the help of having all the other pilots in front of me to show me the lift along the way I quickly caught up to the front and managed to fly myself into 10th into Goal. Goal was high up on a plateau where all the Monarch Butterflies migrate for winter, it was at almost 10,000 feet above sea level and the clouds were at 11,000 feet so it was very tough to get too. I ended up placing 13th for the day do to the fact that I missed out on some speed points that are given to pilots who lead during the day. The leading points are given to pilots who charge out fast and make it easier for the slower pilots to see where the lift is up ahead and take very little risk up not finding lift.
Today was another very hard day. I launched very early again today as it was a speed run which means we all get individual start times(normally we all start at the same time). I was very fast in the beginning,then got stuck flying on a small ridge with 20 or more other gliders for more than an hour. I finally got fed up and searched a little further for some better lift and found some but before I could turn there were 20 gliders flying straight at me making it very difficult for me to turn. We got on our way to the next turnpoint, trying to avoid flying in the clouds as it was overcast. The group all turned at the turnpoint then it was just a matter of gliding as far as we could which lucky me was farther then the rest. I placed roughly Top 20 for the day, so in the overall I may move into about 25-30th. So with two more days to go I can hopefully pull out a better placing,maybe Top 20 if I get smarter....
Cheers and check my photos in the corner flicker account.
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P.S. Today's Photo is from Nicole

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