Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day 1 Monarca Open

Day 1
We started off with a 59 Kilometre task. I launched number 3 and spent over an hour and half in the start circle at 11,200 feet going in and out of the wispy clouds with 150 pilots. I timed the start perfectly with Josh Cohn and Frank Brown and managed to get a great glide line to the first turnpoint and back to the second. By this time the lead group formed and for some reason there I was with them. Josh decided to take a very bold line to the next turnpoint which was out in the flats. Len and I decided to not quite take the line Peter Brinkby took and decided to go half way between the two lines. We glided into the turnpoint number 4 and found a big blue hole so we slowed down allowing time to make sure we were high enough to get back to the lift in the hills. This is where my first mistake and last mistake was made. I tried to retrack the thermal I was in and lost it. So the group I was with and actually really needed to help spot left was now 1000 feet higher then me. They went on glide back to the hills where the final turnpoint was and from there it was just a final glide to goal. I was now left having to climb by myself. This was ok but as I reached the clouds and went on what I thought was final glide a MASSIVE shade spot was no coming across where I was headed. By the time I got there all I found was sink and now was left searching for any chance of survival. The 4 pilots ahead of me went on to goal with no chance of helping me. The day ended with me watching a butt load of other competitors fly over my head as the sun was now out again. So all and all a great day but now I am left with a lot of catching up to do. I am happy with sticking with the big guns up front but it just does not matter unless you get to Goal. Hope all is well back home . Tomorrow is a new day for us all.
Cheers and Thanks for all the emails, they certainly keep me psyched

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