Thursday, February 15, 2007

G'day Today

So today dawned HOT and clear. After all the usual running around this morning we headed over to pick up our new cell phones. They got it all figured out and we were off to head up the mountain. But first we stopped by the owner of the flying sites house and he has a pet baby Kangaroo named Mango. So after a short visit and a nice little pet of Mango we went up the mountain. I launched fairly early and went straight to cloudbase where I went on glide downwind. I was fairly close to the lead group and as this is not a race for this comp I just chilled out and let them lead the way. My racing got the best of me as I could not handle anyone in front of me so I pushed hard after the lead group but there was just no chance to catch them. We ended up getting about 40km where a large bunch of trees about 30km in distance stopped us and made us turn around to go a different direction. It would have been nice to know about this large block of trees but hey that’s Paragliding I guess. So after about an hour detour we were back flying and gaining distance. I spent most of the day at close to 2500meters so it was comfy and not to HOT. I finally had Will come in under me after not seeing him all day. For those reading the other Blog of the team Nicole will update you on her day. So Will and I continued to the 100km mark and he got just a bit further when our day ended. It was 5.5hours of flying 100km so by far the longest it has ever taken me. We actually flew about 130 or 140 because of us having to back track a bunch. So all and all a good day. I will try to post more pictures soon but its hard because we get back late and this is it for me before bed around 9pm.
Cheers to y’all

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