Monday, August 07, 2006

Golden is Best

Well you may have noticed by the title I am in Golden. We are having a 5 day comp. With pilots from all over the world here competeting for the prize of champ. It started off with a 60km and we had 11 people make goal on a very tough day. The conditions were very slow in the beginning then got fast in the end. I managed to get low at the very beginning then was able to catch up to 5th place for the day so overall I sit in a good position. Yesterday was a different story. We sat on launch for 6 hours waiting for conditions to improve and when they finally did at 5:30pm we called a complicated 40 km triangle. With the wind still being strong on launch we did not have many eager pilots wanting to get in the air including me. So after my bros Will and Jeff decided to go off I went as well. We ended up having a great day of racing. I was able to take the lead after the 1st triangle was finished and held onto that lead the whole way around the 2nd triangle. So the GPS’s are scored and I managed to make some ground on the other pilots. With a 5th and now a 1st I should sit pretty good going into day 3. Cheers and I hope all is well for you all.

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