Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Great Times

Yesterday was my best ever at a comp. A great day of racing and managed to pull off a Top 5 finish. The race started with all of us waiting in the start at cloudbase for over an hour. We then set out on a 70km task with 5 turnpoints. I was able to time the start right on time and then proceeded to get the turnpoints with what we thought was the lead group. But it turns out there were a couple guys that managed to take an odd angle to the start and got in front. We finally caught them and snagged the turnpoint after a great glide line. Len and Bill took the turnpoint first and took a very bold line to the next turpoint where as myself and Josh and Bruce went back to the ridge a little out of the way but safer. Then it was off towards goal or so we thought. What felt like it should have been a final glide turned out to be 3 more thermals before I could hammer the bar to get in. I ended up a minute and a half behind the winner and 1 second behind Bruce Goldsmith. So all and all a great day of flying. The times were 2:22:37. Yeah two and a half hours for a very long task in this area. Till today. It looks cloudy today.
Cheers K

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