Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This place is Insane

Today another 106km task. We are all so tired that everyone walks around like zombies. The task had an interesting start radius allowing for several different angles to take it. I choose the one halfway between good and bad. I got to the first turnpoint not as low as one group but lower than another group. After a very sweet climb we were all back together. I raced across no man's land to the next point with a fast group managing to catch most everyone in front of us. At this point we got stinking and high and very cold...4000m which you need to remember its still winter here. Arcteryx has me well equipped but I was still chilly. After some quick pushes into the course we hooked the convergence line and made good time across the lake to a point on the other side. I fell back a little here as i tried to be safe but it actually cost me as the group got a great climb from low and we coming in it was not there. So much for staying high as it sometimes backfires. I worked my way back up but a little behind the first gaggle. At this point I noticed Urban Valic over my head going the other way. he had decided to run around the lake the short way and was now in front by about 30mins. He of course won the day by a huge margin and I am 30mins behind him for the task. I was maybe TOP 30 or so today so not bad on a very tough and challenging task. I did not see my teammates today so not sure how they did. Tomorrow they want a huge task then easy on friday to finish. I will need a break from flying soon as I think I have 50 hours on the new gliders already....CRAZY.
Going to bed

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