Friday, December 23, 2005

Sunny San Diego

Well the trip started earlier then I wanted but hey 6am is not a bad time when your headed to sunny California. With a brief stop over in Salt Lake City, that turned into a 3 hour stop instead of the scheduled 1.5hrs. Flying into San Diego was pretty cool as a very large layer of fog was sitting out over the water and it was sunny over the land.
I did my best on route to keep anyone and everyone from speaking to me about their Xmas plans by watching episodes of the second season of Scrubs. I managed to knock down about 5 episodes (Thanks James). Well once in San Diego we arrived back to the car to find out my mom had left the lights on which obviously left me saying who the hell turns their lights on in the daytime. But she did and we were left with a dead battery. Problem solved. Home we went but not first without a stop at some tex mex(yum). Went Paragliding today with my Dad and had Mom drive. No thermals but lots of sweet air for some nice Acro.
Till Later
P.S. I have added photos to my Flicker account in the sidebar

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